Hands on Sexology and Psychotherapy Dominique Beaufort

Hands on Sexology and Psychotherapy Dominique Beaufort

« Alone I go faster, together we go further… »



Workshops are regularly organised around the broad theme of sexuality. This opportunity for dialogue is open to any single person or couple who wishes to develop new tools for a better understanding or communication around sexuality and anything related to it.

These workshops generate resource and diversity, which allows exploration and practical experience of each of our way of being towards others. The group dynamics enriches the therapeutic process by the giving and sharing of mutual support and unique personal experiences by the participants. This rich collective experience opens up the way to change.

The workshops are open to men, women, singles or couples depending on their interest.

Regularly, we organise weekend sessions around the topics of couple, well-being and fulfilment. They are open to any couple wishing to enhance themselves, their partner or their common relationship. Here, they will also find the necessary space and time to work on better understanding and resolving their conflicts with appropriate moments to master or re-master their relationship and to develop or rediscover their sexuality.

« Courage is understanding one’s own life… »
Jean Jaurès