Hands on Sexology and Psychotherapy Dominique Beaufort

Hands on Sexology and Psychotherapy Dominique Beaufort

« Sexuality, pleasure and well being… sex is good for health »


Sexotherapy concerns men, women and couples in search of creating or recreating an atmosphere of relaxation, erotism and well-being through serene and harmonious sexuality.

A specialised consultation in sexology brings answers and solutions to resolve a wide range of problems related to one’s sexual life. It’s open to any person without any age limit, for whom sexuality is a problem.

From the moment such difficulties present as a problem, it’s important to be able to talk about them with a specialist. Indeed, it’s fundamental for such sexual matters to be examined and thoroughly understood via a human, practical, positive and no-taboo approach.

« Everything begins with the first step… »

The first step can be a difficult hurdle to face. Talking about our own sexuality is not easy. But it is an obstacle that can easily be overcome and once started sexotherapy will allow us to tackle, with respect and empathy, multiple causes of sexual dysfunctions for individuals and couples.

The role of the sexologist is to lead the individual to discover and interpret the factors that are contributing to his/her difficulties. In this way, the person is able to instigate a change that will give him/her access to a fulfilled and more harmonious sex life and relationships.