Hands on Sexology and Psychotherapy Dominique Beaufort

Hands on Sexology and Psychotherapy Dominique Beaufort

« Pursuit and seduction are the essence of sexuality. It’s part of the sizzle… »
Camille Paglia

Seduction coaching

Seduction is often seen as an enigma or a mystery. Many associate it as a blessing or a heaven sent gift for few.

As magical as it seems, seduction is a real art and a way of being… The skills and abilities to seduce go well beyond only physical beauty.

Seduction is a state of open-mindedness to the others, with a positive state of mind that makes you charming and sympathetic.

What is charm made of? How do you acquire it? Why are some more aware than others of the “little extra” they emit ?
Self confidence is one of the key factors to acquire and develop.

With valuable and appropriate advice given during coaching, an understanding of seduction and communication will become clear.

« The ultimate seduction is not to express one’s felling, but to suggest them… » Barbey d’aurevilly