Hands on Sexology and Psychotherapy Dominique Beaufort

Hands on Sexology and Psychotherapy Dominique Beaufort

Charter, code of ethics

The World Charter of World Council for Psychotherapy (WCP)
1. Right to dignity and respect
Whatever its demand is or its psychic state, the person in psychotherapy has the right of respect, of dignity and of the integrity of its physical and mental person, without any kind of discrimination.

2. Right to free choice
The person in psychotherapy has the right to freely choose its method and its psychotherapist and to modify that choice, if it considers it necessary.

3. Right to information
The person in psychotherapy has the right to know the method(s) used by the psychotherapist and about his qualification, his training and his professional affiliation.

4. Conditions of the therapy
The conditions of the therapy must be specified before any commitment: the modalities (verbal, emotional, physical…), the duration and number of sessions, the presumed duration of treatment and its terms of extension or ending, the financial cost (fees, possible coverage, insurance terms, payment of missed sessions).

5. Right to confidentiality
The psychotherapist must commit, to the person in therapy, to absolute professional secrecy, concerning everything that is confided to him during the therapy. This confidentiality is an essential condition to the therapeutic relationship.

6. Ethical commitment of the psychotherapist
The practitioner is required to respect the code of ethics with reference to his/her professional organism. This code is communicated on demand. The psychotherapist is obliged to take his responsibility: he must commit to not use the established trust with regards to political manipulation and sectarian or personal (emotional dependence, economic interests, sexual relations…) purposes.

7. Complaint procedure
The person in psychotherapy can address his/her complaint to professional organizations of appeal or to a Court of Justice.